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If you are reading this, you are finding out about Randy Harrison both as a lawyer and as a person. I find in my work that there are three things that make people happy: work, someone to love and hope.

My work as a personal injury trial lawyer is helping people understand what they are going through when involved in a serious accident or a collision. The insurance industry has a lot of money and they spend a great deal marketing the idea that people are out to “scam” the system. In my experience, clients who are hurt can be scared and fear the legal system. Juries are the conscience of our community who have the final say on what is fair compensation when someone is hurt by other peoples’ actions that which we call negligent. The telling of your story is my work.

The love in my life is my wife and six children. We are happy learning and exploring the world together. I challenge my kids to read between the lines and to see the deeper meaning in building a world together. I especially enjoy teaching the value of stories and ideas like respect, dignity, humility and love.

My hope for the future also inspires me in my daily quest for giving my life meaning. I tell all my clients to believe in themselves and be honest. Sometimes a small collision can have devastating effects on innocent good people. For example, I had a case where an elderly lady was rear ended in an auto collision. She hurt her wrist and needed surgery. During surgery, she suffered a blood clot related to the surgery. The effects of the clot were the more significant damages and I had to prove this to get the insurance company to take responsibility for their insured client’s negligence.

Another example of hope in my work is when a client is exposed to asbestos and I can hold the company responsible accountable. Dangerous products don’t belong where they hurt people. Working in an environment with known dangerous materials that can kill people is wrong and by holding companies responsible, together we can make a better world for the future.

Our firm specializes in personal injury cases. Call us if you have been injured in an accident and need help.

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